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Currently we are not set up with pictures for each hosta. We hope to add that soon. By going to HostaLibrary.org you can find pictures for nearly all of these. They often show both young and mature plants in various sunlight conditions.

(J) indicates a variety being sold by my son Jason
(tc) indicates a 1st year tissue culture plant, newly ordered this spring.  These will usually pot up  in 3" or 4" pots.

Click Here for Hosta Library Pictures

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(15"H x 26"W)  Lachman 93
Creates an arching mound of long, narrow green leaves with white centers.  Parentage is 'Banana Sunday' x 'Frances Williams.'  Pure white flowers in midsummer.
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(2"H x 7"W) Japan NR

Oval shaped leaves have irregular green edges streaking into creamy-white center. Venusta-type hosta. Tiny purple flowers in midsummer.
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(Small)  Aden 76
Rapidly forms a thick mound of golden-green leaves.  Leaves are narrow, long and have very wavy edges.  Lavender flowers.

(6"H x 8"W) Zumbar 95

A fairly new mini with small gold, heart-shaped leaves. Forms a tight little mound with interesting form and good color. Excellent rock garden plant. Flowers are lavender pink.


(10"H x 15"H) Lachman 91.

A leaf is 6" long x 2 1/2" wide; the central white area is surrounded with dark green which bleeds back into the center, establishing a lighter green "bridge" between the two areas. The markings are highly irregular, but with roughly equal amounts of white and green. The leaves have some undulations and the petioles are rose colored. The structure of the plant effectively displays the colors of cream-white, dark and light greens, and rose. The flowers are violet; bloom is in July and August.
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(10"W x 16"H)

In spring and early summer it has light green leaves with a deep green edge, by mid- or late summer it is medium green with a deep green edge.

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(Large)  Anderson NR
Sport of H. 'Jimmy Crack Corn' with bright gold, horizontal leaves, deep veins and rippled green margins. Near white flowers in June.

(12"H x 18"W) R Harold 99

Forms a nice ound of sharply pointed, wavy edged, dark green leaves with creamy margins. Lavender flowers.

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(Medium)  NR
Gold leaves with green margins, slightly glossy with some substance.  Lavender flowers.

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(2"H x 6"W) Walters Gardens 88

A cute sport of 'Gold Drop' with dark green leaves with a narrow white margin. White flowers.

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(14"H x 26"W) T & Z Nursery/Zillis 85

The white-edged form of 'Golden Tiara', with a slightly larger leaf and good green color. Very nice. Dark purple flowers in early summer.
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(16"H x 30"W) Handy Hatfield 91

A sport of 'Zounds.' A slow growing plant. Leaves are brassy yellow, puckered, and have a broad green margin. Leaves are very pest-resistant. The plant pales in sun. It looks best in 3/4 shade. 'Midwest Magic' is a similar sport.

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(18"H x 36"W)  Reutenik/Walek 96
A sport of 'Great Expectations,' which is notoriously hard to grow.  This has a wider blue-green margin, giving it more vigor and better growing ability.  Nice, patterned creamy-white center.  Flowers are near white in late spring.

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(36"H x 60"W) Hans Hansen 02

A sport of 'Blue Angel,' which is a classic large blue hosta in the garden. This was introduced by Shady Oaks, and is the same as 'Blue Angel' except with a wide, creamy-white edge. Pale lavender flowers in midsummer.

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Deep green leaves with yellow margins. Veins are deep and
noticeable. Forms very pretty, large clumps. Was developed in the Des Moines area, so is a local variety. White flowers.

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(18"H x 48"W)  Avent 85
Long, dusty-blue leaves have a very rippled margin and are slightly crimped.  Leaves are shiny of top, and fade to a medium green during summer.  Forms very graceful mounds of leaves.  Lavender flowers.

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(16"H x 20"W)  Walters Garden 88
Reverse of ‘Golden Tiara,’ its leaves a gold to light green with a variable, dark green margin.  As with the rest of the Tiara series, Emerald Tiara multiplies rapidly and is great for borders.  Interesting contrast when planted along with Golden Tiara.  Violet flowers.
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(13"H x 24"W)  Hansen 99
A sport of 'Whirlwind.'  Like its parent, it has a dark green margin with a creamy white center, but keeps the white center in summer instead of fading to light green.  Pale lavender flowers.


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