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Hosta List: S

1996 and 2000 Hosta of the Year

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Currently we are not set up with pictures for each hosta. We hope to add that soon. By going to HostaLibrary.org you can find pictures for nearly all of these. They often show both young and mature plants in various sunlight conditions.

(J) indicates a variety being sold by by son Jason
(tc) indicates a 1st year tissue culture plant, newly ordered this spring.  These will usually pot up  in 3" or 4" pots.

Click Here for Hosta Library Pictures

SAGAE (24"H x 72"W) Watanabe 96
It forms a very large clump, 5-6' wide after a few years.  The leaves are large and heart-shaped, with wavy edges and prominent veins. They emerge bright green, margined in deep golden yellow, and later turn to a frosty, silvery gray-green while the margins turn to creamy white. Pale lavender flowers.

SCOOTER (8"H x 14"W) R. Benedict 90

Dark green leaves, 6" long and 4" wide, with a wide creamy white margin and some gray streaking into the center. Forms a low, spreading mound, good for groundcover. Lavender flowers.


SEA FIRE (tc) (Medium) M. Seaver NR

Seaver NR  One of the brightest gold hostas, especially in spring.  Leaves darken to greenish-gold in summer.  Lavender flowers.

SEA THUNDER (J) (Medium) M. Seaver NR

One of the best of Mildred Seaver's hostas, a medium size plant with upright, green leaves with a very wide white streak in the center. A true standout. Lavender flowers.


SEPTEMBER SUN (15"H x 36"W) Soldberg 85

Green variegated form of 'August Moon'. The leaves are heart-shaped, gold with a wide green margin. Excellent. White flowers.


SHOWBOAT (14"H x 30"W) Lachman 93

Rounded dark green leaves with a wide, creamy-white margin. Pale lavender flowers.

SIEBOLDIANA (Medium Large) Japanese Native

Blue-green with heavily veined leaves, and nice puckering across the leaves.




This is the classic big blue hosta.  Huge, rounded blue leaves, cupped and puckered, forming a mound 6' or more across at maturity.  White flowers.




Gowen 99 (18”H x 60”W)  Broad, heart-shaped leaves are grey-green with a wide, creamy and undulating margin.    Light lavender flowers in early summer.  Parentage is H. montana x H. ‘Dorothy Benedict.’


SILVER HALO (J)  (12"H x 12"W)  Not Registered

Fast growing hosta with long, medium-green leaves and variable white margins.

$18.00 SOLD OUT

SILVER STREAK (5"H x 8"W) Klopping/AHS 86

A collector's hosta that makes a nice miniature mound of uniquely-twisted leaves iwth white centers and a medium green edge. This very distinctive hosta is a slow and challenging one to grow, although when planted in a location providing morning sun it seems to take off. Light lavender flowers in early summer.

$17.00  SOLD OUT

SITTING PRETTY (J) (6"H x 8"W) Aden 87

Small, lance-shaped, glossy yellow leaves with a wide, irregular green margin. Lavender flowers.

$14.00 SOLD OUT

SO SWEET (22"H x 48"W) Aden 86 1996 HOSTA OF THE YEAR

Glossy green leaves with white edges. Pale lavender flowers are very fragrant.



Winterberry Farms version of Lakeside Meter Maid




Large, heavily puckered and corrugated green leaves with wide blue margins.


SPRITZER (J) (14"H x 18"W) Aden 87

Here is another narrow, lance-leaved hosta. This one has beautiful variegated leaves in yellow, cream, and green. Flowers are white tinged bluish in mid-summer.


STAINED GLASS (tc) (15"H x 48"W) Hanson 99

An improved version of the very popular ‘Guacamole.’  Shiny, golden foliage; has a wide, dark green margin.  Incredibly vigorous and sun-tolerant (give it some sun for best color).  Fragrant white flowers in late summer.


STETSON (J) (Medium) Watler's Gardens 97

A very unusual pant, a mutation of 'Wide Brim' with leaves folded upward along the midrib. The foiage is dark green with a wavy gold margin.


STILETTO (J) (6"H x 8"W) Aden 87

Very narrow, pointed, lance-shaped leaves, green with thin gold to creamy white undulating margins. Forms a nice tight mound, made more interesting because of the wavy leaf edges. Purple flowers. One of our best sellers.


STIRFRY (12"H x 36"W) R & D Benedict 90

Medium green leaves are deeply cupped and veined with beautiful ruffled edges.


STRIPTEASE (20"H x 24"W) Thompson 91

Spectacular sport of Gold Standard has a deep green leaf with a "peek" strip of white in the center.   Lavender flowers in the summer.

$18.00 SOLD OUT


SUGAR DADDY (tc) (24"H x 36"W) Zilis NR

Sport of 'Big Daddy' with round blue-green leaves with irregular white margins, streaking somewhat into leaf center. Lavender flowers in July.

$20.00 SOLD OUT

SUM AND SUBSTANCE (36"H x 72"W) Aden 80

One of the largest of the hostas currently available. Huge, glossy, chartreuse to gold leaves with excellent texture. Number one on the Popularity Poll for years.


SUN POWER (22"H x 36"W) Aden 86

A graceful vase-shaped plant with long, sharply pointed bright yellow leaves, slightly twisted with undulating margins. Lavender flowers.

$9.00 SOLD OUT

SUNNYBROOK (17"H x 30"W) Stone/Ruh/P. Banyai

Blue-green with variable yellow margin. White flowers in June.


SUPER BOWL (Large) Aden NR

Another gold hosta that's been around since the 80's and is now regaining some of its old popularity. An outstanding specimen but a bit slow growing. The leaves are deeply cupped and heavily puckered. Near-white flowers. Probably of sieboldiana lineage.

$14.00 SOLD OUT

SUPER NOVA (24"H x 55"W) Zilis 99

Sport of H. sieboldiana 'Elegans' with opposite coloring of 'Frances Williams.'  Has large gold leaves with blue-green margins.  Heavy substance.  Near-white flowers in early summer.


SURPRISED BY JOY (J) (tc) (4"H x 8"W) Malloy 98

Small, oval leaves of white with green margins streaking slightly into the center.  Pale lavender flowers in June.


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