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Ordering from us is this simple:

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Yes, we offer discounts! We know the struggle of trying to build gardens with limited resources, and it is our goal to help you out. First, we try to keep our regular prices low. Local nurseries will usually charge up to twice what we do for the same plants. In addition, since the final bill for hostas can add up fast, we offer the following discounts for large orders:

Order $100 in hostas, we will give you 10% off!

Order $250 in hostas, we will give you 15% off!

Order $500 in hostas, we will give you 25% off!

Shipping is in addition to the above price levels.


1) Contact us by phone: 319-347-2731.  Simply have a list of the hostas, and let us know how you will be paying.  If you leave a message on our answering machine, speak slowly and clearly, and include your phone number.

2) E-mail your order to dayspring@chooseblue.coop. Once again, make sure you include the items you want and your shipping name and location.   We are working on adding Paypal buttons that would automatically email both your order and payment.  Until that is up and working, if you email us we can instruct you how to send payment by Paypal if that is your desire.

3) Send your order by mail. Just include the items you would like, your shipping address, and your check or money order to us for the total amount(Personal checks held until they clear - usually 14 days).


1. Personal check. Usually takes 10-15 business days to clear banks.

2. Money order or Bank check.

3. PayPal.com.   Just use the Paypal buttons after each hosta, or go to the PayPal.com site and follow the directions. PLEASE NOTE:  Tripod does not offer a shopping cart that totals your complete order.  Each item is sent separately, and you have to figure shipping yourself and Paypal it separately.  Very inconvenient.  I would suggest just calling in or emailing your order with credit card info.  Our PayPal account name is "Dayspring-Collectibles" and the e-mail address is dayspring@chooseblue.coop.
4.  VISA, Mastercard, and Discover cards can also be accepted directly.  Call or email the card info(if email, split your info between two emails to provide security).

Shipping Costs

BECAUSE OF IOWA WINTERS, SPRING ORDERS WILL USUALLY NOT BE SHIPPED UNTIL SOMETIME IN MAY!  Plants can be shipped May through September. Orders received outside these times will be held until then. Substitutes will NOT be made on out of stock items. We will assume you want a specific variety for a reason! If we are out of an item you will receive a refund on the price of the plant.

Until May 31, shipping will be a base fee of $5.95 per order, plus 50c for each additional plant.   After May 31, shipping is $9.95 base fee plus $1.00 for each additional plant (due to the extra size after leafing out).  Plants will be shipped Priority Mail.  Insurance is included in the fee. We will ship overseas if your postal regulations allow it. Check with your post office. International destinations will have higher shipping. Check with us for amounts.

Hostas do very well being shipped dry root. Thus, to save on shipping charges when we dig each plant, we wash off all dirt, wrap the plants in moist newspaper and plastic, and ship. It is important that you have someone to receive the plants when they arrive or notify UPS/USPS not to leave the package in the sun. It is important to unwrap and plant them as soon as possible so they don't mold or dry out in the packaging. We cannot be responsible for the way the plants are treated after they leave our hands.

If you would like plants to be shipped in pots, let us know. Because this can get quite heavy, there will be additional charges for this.

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