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About Us

A dad and his kids with a passion for quality flowers. Meet the family who will be sending you a package of love and blessing with every order you make

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How We Got Started

I began gardening when I was 5 years old (I'm 51 now). But the real beginning was in 1995 when we bought a small acreage as a place to retreat to on days off and have a place that we could call our own.

The following summer, I decided to turn a small pasture of two acres into native prairie. Just about everything went wrong that could have, but we finally got it planted the end of June. Six weeks later, my 8-year-old son looked up at me as we were inspecting the shaky beginnings of that prairie. "There sure is a lot more life here now, isn't there Dad?"

That little boy could see the difference between a healthy ecosystem versus a monoculture planting. And the difference grabbed him. In the next year he would develop a passion for plants that has consumed him ever since.

In the summer of 1997 we began selling native prairie plants at a local farmer's market. Jason helped me that first year. The next year he wanted his own stand, and asked his little sister to help him. The third year they wanted a bigger table. And then they wanted their own space separate from dad's. Their goal was to outsell dad at farmer's market!

Jason will be ready for college next fall, and his sister has moved on to other interests.  But they still sell their own plants (marked with a "J" so give them a hand and buy some of their varieities first, ok?).  It has been a wonderful experience over the past ten years watching my children grow up with plants and nature, and learning to relate maturely with adults as they marketed their plants.
I got involved with this as a way to connect with my children.  In the process, my own love of the natural world deepened immensely.  Hopefully, we can pass a bit of that on to you.

Our Business Philosophy

We're in this because we have a passion for beauty, a passion for the environment, and a love of helping others learn about nature. Making friends is more important than making money, yet if we keep the priorities right, hopefully we can do both. We want you to get as excited about plants and nature as we are. Our goal is to send you quality plants, share our experience freely, and receive the gift of new friends God unexpectedly brings into our lives. May the business we do together lead to a long and fruitful sharing of life.

The Children--Hope for the Future

As I watch my children I am amazed at their passion for life, their ability to find play in everything, and their ease to forgive and accept. Somehow, as adults we can forget those strengths from our own childhood, can't we?

I think gardening gets us back in touch with what is really important in life. It brings us back to the freedom of life as a child. May you grow in your childlike wonder of life and all it brings your way!

Our Company

We have been interested in starting our own nursery for many years. Each year we get a bit larger, offer more varieties, and make more friends at Farmer's Markets.  Now we are working at our own website.   Be patient with us as we learn how to build webpages, and we'll get some great plants to you with every order!

Our Plants

The plants we sell are NOT pampered greenhouse plants.  We field grow our hostas.  They have to make it through frigid Iowa winters and blistering summer heat.  Only then do we sell them. 
We also refuse to sell hostas that are grown in bark mulch, as is the custom of many nurseries.  Studies show that such plants often die within three years (ref. The Journal of the American Hosta Society), so we refuse to engage in that practice.  It makes our job a bit harder, but you get better plants!

A dad and his kids with a passion for quality flowers

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