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We are your source for quality hostas, and as we expand our site, of beautiful lilies, native prairie plants, woodland wildflowers, and an assortment of garden favorites.  This year we have added our garlics, grown chemical-free!

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There is nothing quite like a beautiful flower. I discovered that at the age of five when I was first introduced to gardening by my parents. We gardened because we had to. It put food on the table for a very large family. But over the years I discoverd the side of gardening that was simply the creation of beauty. Soon I learned the satisfaction of sharing beauty with others, watching a face come alive when a new gardener saw an amazing flower, or a butterfly landing on their hand for the first time, or a hummingbird hovering perfectly as it sipped nectar right in front of them.

Over the past few years I have had the joy of passing on that love of nature and beauty to my children, who are now ages 17 and 15. They have been running their own flower business by selling plants at farmer's markets. My daughter is beginning to move on to other interests. But Jason, my son, is still very involved, hoping to begin his own breeding program. His plants are labeled with a (J), so if you want to support a youth you'll know which plants to order. What a delight it is to watch them grow and mature into caring adults with a love for beauty and the desire to share it with others.

We hope we can serve you in your hunt for great plants. What a privilege to be in a business such as this.

Hostas are our main business.  Jason has branched into lilies-both Asiatic and Oriental, and talked me into handling reblooming daylilies. I will also continue in my love of native plants from the Iowa prairie and woodlands. Enjoy. May we together bring peace and beauty to the lives that cross our path.

Tony Hershey

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A dad and his kids with a passion for quality flowers